Topic: Neverputt Reshaun's Easy Putt Hole 2 has invisible objects

Reshaun's Easy Putt hole 2 has 4 platforms. From the first platform, the player putts across a gap on to the second. The second has curved piece of stone-like material to help direct the ball down a ramp to the third platform.  Ramps connect the second platform to the third, and the third to the fourth. The ramp between the second and third moves back-and-forth.

From the motion of the ball, there are invisible objects on the second platform. 

Try this: From the tee, aim the ball too far to the right so it lands on the 2nd platform.  Then, try to putt the ball off of the platform so it leaves the course. Instead of leaving the course, it bounces back. 

Putt the ball toward the curved object. It bounces before it hits the object.