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Topic: New ball selection screen

I redesigned the ball selection screen to look like this. I found it annoying to have to page through every single ball, especially if you've accumulated a lot of custom balls.
What do you think?


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Re: New ball selection screen

I am also in favor of this idea.

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Re: New ball selection screen

Looks good to me - make sure to test it with translations too with minimum supported resolution to make sure that the texts will fit. Point me to the branch if you want me to help with testing that.


Re: New ball selection screen

Branch is here. https://github.com/camthesaxman/neverba … all_screen

The only issue is that the width of the buttons is determined by the text width, which makes everything change size when switching pages. Not sure if there is any way to control that.


Re: New ball selection screen

The text width thing is actually good for translations, because you have less problems with text truncations.

Turns out that the ball names have not been made translatable anyway, so it's all good.

I have done some testing on Linux Mint and it works well smile


Re: New ball selection screen

The ball names are taken from their file names, so I'm not sure we would even want to translate that. I at least want the navigation buttons to stay put when changing pages.


Re: New ball selection screen

I fixed the width issue. I added a few spaces between the navigation buttons and the "Ball Model" label, and that seemed to do the trick.


Re: New ball selection screen

Very nice, retested and working smile