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Topic: we on the neverforum

hey guys

i thought of something today. i thought that there a good deal of people on this forum incl myself who sort of have this forum as sort of part of themself even when not playing nb. it is part of my daily routine to chk the nb forum when i chk my email daily. i just chk the nb forum without really thinking and hastily reading any every new post and not really thinking abt the post unless it has to do with one of my thns say my lvls. even when it is a post abt my lvls or if the post makes me do my lvls say testing them the post usually does not thrust me into playing nb or doing much nb related. i usually might as well view the forum w/o logging in but then there is no "new posts" tab. tongue

so the main thing i am trying to say is there seems to be a good deal of people on this forum who just sort of chk the forum from regularly say daily and not post that much other than answers to say questions from new mappers or technical support. when this portion of us goes on the neverforum so often we hardly actually play nb. when posting on this forum i am usually on nb playing hiatus. i am especially usually on mapping hiatus. since dec 2015 i have only done 1 nb mapping binge. that means that i am usually on long mapping hiatus. well in addition to usually being on nb playing hiatus this portion of us is usually on mapping hiatus tongue

EDIT: i am now 445 posts and for this # posts and the ~ 8yrs 2mo ( yikes ) that i have been registered on forum i have been nb playing hiatus and esp nb mapping hiatus for the majority of time. but somehow now i am more posts than dtb hmm                                        it will feel strange to be an occasionallyball neutral

EDIT EDIT: dranit i 4got here is a question: how many of you have this forum as "part of you" meaning you chk it daily/regularly. but at the same time you are usually on nb playing and/or mapping hiatus and not posting much other than answers to questions say mapping q's and techsupport q's?

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