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I've been stuck for most of a week at level H9.  In particular, changing direction with one square tends to cause me to miss the next corner.  Is there some trick to doing this level?  I've tried going really fast straight down a side, but I always fall off one square before the next starts. 



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I would try the manual camera mode. just try and stop your ball in the middle of a platform before rotating it with the mouse buttons, then head off in the new direction.

Just a suggestion. Your mileage may vary.

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Thanks - that's helped a great deal, and I'm getting quite a bit further than I had been. 

I think my problem is still fine control - I can't get all the coins on E14, E25, H2 or H6 (in fact, I think I'm going to use some of those to practice control).  I do think I'm learning quite a bit in the week or two I've been playing - I'm now trying for time records (not against table, but against the records that come with the game) on some of the levels that I was struggling to finish awhile ago.


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Everybody went through those kind of "problems" when playing Neverball ^-^ You're getting stuck at a level... But you'll see you'll beat it soon and you'll learn to control the ball more accurately if you continue training like that wink Good luck !


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I hate E14 >_>

</3 mazes


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I can do E14, but by cheating (riding on the siderail, and leaning against the path)

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Hmm, now I'm having problems with H12.  Mostly issues of timing, and seeing where the edge is when getting the eight floating coins.  Also the saves on the nevertable use a lot of jumping and rail-walking that I'm not sure I would be able to do, so it's hard to figure out the timing of actually using the platforms to pass between the rails (I have learned to go diagonally with the movement of the platforms though).

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pakaran wrote:

I can do E14, but by cheating (riding on the siderail, and leaning against the path)

you will soon learn that is not cheating... This kind of playing is the most exciting part of Neverball

comment trouver le temps de travailler maintenant?


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if you start up the platform you can not see want for it to slide into place next to the other one then wait 1 sec and start the other one they will be almost synced up, i find it better to have them off by about 1/4

also your H12 problem not sure if you noticed but is is quicker and more save to go in straight lines as much as possible. i just started playing last about 4 days ago so my control is not the best right now i am at  60 coins in 53.76 on that one

right now i am stuck on M8 and H25