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What if there was a more basic mapmaker for Neverball?

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Re: NeverEditor Idea!

It’s a really good idea, but seeing how long Neverball has been out for (Nearly 15 years!) and seeing other people requesting it, I’m pretty sure there’s some good reasons why that hasn’t been implemented yet.

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Re: NeverEditor Idea!

Good idea! This reminds me of Marble Blast Gold since there is an editor built in

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Re: NeverEditor Idea!

Also I your post about downloading GTKradient, have you got it to work yet?

If you have mapping questions, you can visit my “Beginning to map” topic.
I asked some really good questions for beginners! smile

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Re: NeverEditor Idea!

Overtime I have also asked some beginning mapping questions

you can click my username and see list of threads I made.

My early mapping questions go back to when ht-never was active. He answered a bit of them smile

PS In maybe 2010 or 2011 I thought of a simpler editor for Neverball. To not terribly computer-savvy people, setting up Radiant can be a bit challenging (it was for me), but I think it can be a good computer learning experience.

The tools that you actually use to make Neverball/Neverputt maps are not that complicated, so there is a lot to ignore. So once you get the hang of editing levels, I think a simpler editor would mainly cutdown setup and maybe managing files for making/playing levels.

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