Topic: Nevertable replay database?

Does anyone have a copy of the old Nevertable database? I missed the train on shino's offer, but am hopeful that somebody here still has it.


Re: Nevertable replay database?

Sent you a PM.


Re: Nevertable replay database?

Hey. Didn't get yours, so I sent you one as well for investigative purposes.


Re: Nevertable replay database?

Think I was in a rush and accidentally clicked preview instead of send.  I got yours though and replied...  if you still get nothing leave an email address here and I'll send it that way instead.


Re: Nevertable replay database?

I have a copy just in case. I believe vidski got the forum and contest backup from me if not directly from Shino. I feel like such a dead-beat. I had hoped to make a little side project out of reviving the contest and doing some development to improve it a bit, but alas, no time!

Thanks to vidski for bring the forum back to life.


Re: Nevertable replay database?


Yeah the contest stuff has been an infinite loop of  "how should I do this?"  for me since I wasn't involved with the nevertable.  Needless to say, if you've got any ideas or suggestions I am all ears.