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Post your claimed records here - upload the file, post the time, coins and category (most coins, best time, fast unlock).


Re: Reshaun's iLevels Suite

Reshaun's iLevels Suite 14: 0:47:90, 63 coins, fast unlock.

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Re: Reshaun's iLevels Suite

Levels 13 all coins.

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Download my levels here: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=3147
Progress: Medium: 25/25    Hard: 20/25    Expert: 17/25


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Heres a replay.

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How ya doin?


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    Suite III all coins just under 6 minutes. I wonder if I could get it in five with a better strategy.

http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?pid=34398 Code to generate levels... interesting...
The only other unfinished level, V, will come after I do all the others. I have a reason for this.

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