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    I do in fact get very high frame rates on other levels. On level 20, I have 2103 brushes and 1177 entities (though 570 are path_corners), and the map still needs some more things added (but it is mostly done).

http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?pid=34398  I keep forgetting to work on 18.
The only other unfinished level, V, will come after I do all the others. I have a reason for this.

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Re: decade approaching

thinking of post 49:
(4): look at this thread for example on how to make nb detect textures in a .zip file automatically. download the .zip file in linked thread to, it is the example. the great thing about this is it means you can quickly and conveniently make nb detect new custom textures without extracting anything to the mtrl folder in the data folder. also btw i recommend including the .map files of your lvls when uploading your lvlset. it allows other people to study your lvls in radiant and maybe fix any problems they might have with a lvl. aslo if your lvlset ever becomes lost in the mists of time in the future and becomes discovered from the darkenss, then including the .map fiels will give the future people more information that they can sutdy and edit abt your lvls big_smile .

(5): there is a quick way to take all the screenshots of a lvlset and scale them all at once in a few commands in a command line. but using the method here (see bottom of page), you might only be able to use a linux shell sad . but then if you are using windows maybe you could use cygwin. btw i have never used cygwin so far

(6): this is easy. just copy an existing "set" file from another lvlset, say "set-easy.txt", and substitute corresponding values for the ones you will put for your lvlset

ps -  : glad that this thread i started back in [20]18-1-1, 18 JjAn 1 now has 50+ posts big_smile big_smile           うれしい
slightly popular thraed huh?


It the it's level set: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2922
6/19/17: a bit of help needed here, plz: http://neverforum.com/fmpbo/viewtopic.php?id=2988
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