Topic: One feature I want in neverball

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    Here is the list of feature I want in neverball:
1.I want neverball can have a 'Fly view camera',like this.

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Re: One feature I want in neverball


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Re: One feature I want in neverball

Do you mean a camera where you can have some other keys that would control the position of the camera angle instead of having it automatically ch to the ball? THere is already camera horizontal rotation, but maybe there would also be camera rotation diagonally and vertiacally? and maybe you would mean zooming in and out?

what i mean is you would control the ball as two independent entities

also remember this faq page from older version of Neverball homepage. It says some reasons why one or more of the devs might not want the camera to zoom in out etc. I think one reason is it might get easy to cheat if you could zoom in out.

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