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Finally managed to manually build a dedicated level add-on page directly into the forum.  Let me know if I’m missing any. 

As a general rule of thumb I’ll wait until levelsets and courses are completed before adding them to the dedicated page.  You can still of course post individual level updates in your original level contributions thread.  The exception to this will be older submissions by inactive mappers who are not anticipated to return and finish them.

CSY had some pretty good course descriptions on his neverputt calendar so I just used those, but as you can see... I have none for the neverball sets.  Any volunteers for these descriptions?

Also, if you are the author of anything on this page and would like to override whatever description is currently in place for your stuff then post them here and I’ll update it.

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Re: Additional levels page

Good start so far on the add-on sets and courses page.

Something does not seem quite right with epsy's set. I do not remember seeing some of the textures look like they currently do. When I get around to it, I will thoroughly verify that the textures are correct.

One other question remains with respect to Clockwork Alpha and Clockwork Beta: these are currently unofficial level sets that are also part of a custom build, named Neverball Clockwork. So, any guidelines on where to proceed from here?

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Re: Additional levels page

Ahh! damn, glad you mentioned that actually, I meant to bring it up in my previous post...

Since they're also part of your clockwork build on top of to being unofficial levels, I'd like to specify that somehow.  I'm thinking of making another dedicated page for 'Custom Game Add-ons' or something where we could feature those as well as any other custom community projects that may or may not emerge in the future.

What are your thoughts on that?

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Re: Additional levels page

Had a feeling this would be tricky to pull off... Not helping this situation is the fact that I have broken my current MinGW installation, so further updates are currently out of reach.

Nonetheless, it might not be a bad idea to prepare the changes making up the custom build for review, so that I can see what parasti has to say about the build itself.

For now, it is unfortunate that I have to fall back. While I have written a walkthrough to help me out, I may wish to clean up (potentially redo) the walkthrough. It does not help that finals are almost here, so my available resources will likely be very limited until early next month.

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Re: Additional levels page

Thanks,vidski! I'm downloaded 'argentum's levels' and it's work good!

lazy to add more level links.
I am a Neverball expert and I created bunch of levels.