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To all users:    I make a new translate of Chinese, but I can 't compile neverball.Can you help me compile it, please!!!!!!!!!(P.S.File will edit to the topic .)

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You can download the latest version of Neverball and use it to test your translation. You do not need to compile Neverball.

First, you need to turn your .po file into an .mo file:

  • With Virtaal, you need to use File -> Export.

  • With PoEdit, simply save the file.

The file has to be called 'neverball.mo' - rename it if needed.

Then copy the file to the Neverball folder:

  • For Traditional Chinese, copy the file 'neverball.mo' to <neverball folder>\locale\zh_TW\LC_MESSAGES

  • For Simplified Chinese, copy the file 'neverball.mo' to <neverball folder>\locale\zh_CN\LC_MESSAGES


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Thanks your help!


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You're welcome smile