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    My title is 'alwaysball' ,how to change my title?



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That feature is part of an automatic ranking system that most, if not all forums have.  The only way it changes is by the user making more and more posts.

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Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

"The more you post, the less you ball" seems to be the motto...

When you start playing Neverball it's very addictive and you devote a lot of hours - day and night - trying to make your way through all those level sets. But at one point it can happen that suddenly you get more involved (and interested)  in level creation (just an example) or improving features of the game, adding something new to it, and so on.
It's such a long phase of transition going from "AlwaysBall" to "NeverBall",  that usually the moment you would actually reach the status of "NeverBall" you have already become an "Admin" instead  or perhaps "Moderator" or "Developer"  (depending on your skills and aims within the community)

I think in fact themacmeister is the only one who has ever reached NeverBall-status until today. That's all I can tell you about it - so keep on posting!



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Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

...would make sense to change this thread's name from simply "Help" to e.g.  "About user titles AlwaysBall, OftenBall, ..." perhaps also adding a short description of how many posts you need to reach each of the titles

what u think?

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Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

Thanks for renaming this thread!

...now here are some figures:

currently 717 users

currently 24 users

currently 15 users

currently 2 users

currently 4 users

currently 1 user

currently 1 user

Titles not depending on number of posts:

currently 5 users

currently 4 users

currently 1 user

currently 4 users (well it's actually only one ;-)


Total number of currently registered users: 778 



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Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

He who hath become a true Neverball shall be admired by gamers for all eternity.

I guess protonspring is that one banned user.


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Out of curiosity I had a look at the current settings for posts required to achieve each rank. 

AlwaysBall                    0       

FrequentlyBall             25

OftenBall                      100

SometimesBall           250

OccasionallyBall        500

RarelyBall                    1,000

NeverBall                    2,500

DeadBall                     5,000

ZombieBall                 7,500

VaccumBall                10,000


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Just updated my recent post and removed all the inaccurate stuff!

DeadBall is followed by ZombieBall ...what a nice twist that is!
(even though it might seem only logical in The Walking Dead's life & times)


Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

I did not know that NeverBall was not the true final rank.

Even throughout the 10-11 years that the Neverforum has been active (not counting the 1 year that it was offline), only 3 people have even broken the 3,000-post mark, with none having made it to 4,000, yet.

Furthermore, only one of those members still has an ordinary rank: I have not seen him since this service has reopened.

One quirk still mystifies me: It is possible to set a custom title. I have no idea who has access to this privilege, I just know that I do.

Welcome... to the Nevergalaxy!
(and also Neverputt Calendar)


Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

The default settings with all these xyzBB forums generally enable mods and admins the ability to change their title.  You and 4 other members can do so as well. (jammnrose, nue, paxed, themacmeister)

It had to do with the custom group that shino made for you guys way back in 2009. While that was long before I took over hosting, the settings remain since I ported the backup database over from the original nevercorner.net forum.


Re: Forum user titles (AlwaysBall, FrequentlyBall, ...)

That explains tremendously. Thank you, vidski.

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currently 3 users

currently 1 user



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