Topic: A few wanted features for Neverputt

Practice Mode:
I think it would be a good idea to implement a practice mode for Neverputt, where the player can choose a single hole from any of the sets and play it over and over again without stroke limit.

Score Records:
There should be a way to view the lowest scores for each course as well as each hole.

Stage Overview:
There's no way to move the camera up and down when making a shot, so your view is fairly restricted. It would be nice to add an option to the pause menu in which you can freely rotate the stage and look around.


Re: A few wanted features for Neverputt

These are some good ideas...  sucks that things dried up after 1.6 release.  I need to find a way to recruit more developers with the skills to help make things like this happen.

There is however a quick trick to immediately jump to any hole.  At the beginning of each shot while your at the title screen for whichever hole your on (like the one in the picture below),  type in the number of the hole you want to go to and hit enter.  Be sure to use the numbers above the qwerty keys, the number pad keys wont work.  With this you can jump forward or backward from the hole you’re on to any other hole you would like.   It’s not as good as a practice mode, but accomplishes a similar idea since you can keep restarting a new game and jumping right to the hole your practicing.

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Re: A few wanted features for Neverputt

I didn't know that was possible. I submitted my pull request on GitHub last week, which adds hole selection to the GUI. I haven't heard anything back on it, though.


Re: A few wanted features for Neverputt

Woah, nice!

I like the multi-select idea enabling players to pick and choose not just one, but several specific holes to play through.  Needless to say, I have no objections towards including this.

Screenshots for everyone to see...




Re: A few wanted features for Neverputt

I seem to have messed up the translation files, though. I'm not familiar with gettext, so someone else will have to fix that.


Re: A few wanted features for Neverputt

I don't know the code enough to do a review. Best revert the changes to the po files though. The pot should only be updated by calling xgettext after the commit has been reviewed. Transifex will take care of updating the po files, which we then pull from there.