Topic: Weird graphical glitch

So I downloaded the game today iin the hopes of playing it (big fan of super monkey ball and marblegames ;w; )
But for some reason the textures won't work, it looks weird and some of the balls (the soot one for example, or the atom) are just...invisible
Why is this happening?


Re: Weird graphical glitch

Sounds like your graphics driver might be out of date. If updating doesn't help, please post a screenshot and your system specs.


Re: Weird graphical glitch

My specs are as follows
Packardbell EasyNote TS11HR, Intel Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40 GHz
64-Bits, I can post more info if necessary!

And in the screenshots I'm "using" the sootball

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Re: Weird graphical glitch

The game in your screenshots is Nuncabola, which is a variant of Neverball with a different codebase. While there aren't supposed to be graphical glitches in Nuncabola, it's theoretically possible that those you see are caused by some difference between the two programs.

Could you download Neverball 1.6.0 from the official site and check whether the textures look right in Neverball?


Re: Weird graphical glitch

Oh no, I tried that yesterday too. I first downloaded Neverball (which showed the same texture glitch) then tried Nuncabola in the hopes it wouldnt happen.
What could be it?


Re: Weird graphical glitch

All signs point to a graphics driver issue. I can only advise updating your (Intel HD) graphics driver if you haven't already. If that doesn't/didn't work, I'm afraid you're out of luck.


Re: Weird graphical glitch

Hmmm, that looks very strange indeed. If your graphics card has limited memory, you might like to switch off all the effects (reflection/backgrounds/Antialiasing etc.). I have integrated Intel graphics (HD3000) and it looks perfect under Win/Mac/Linux on my laptop. You could try a 1.5 release, which does not use OpenGL-ES, and see if that works OK.

Let me know your graphics card specs (you can use GPU-Z) and I'll try and find a decent driver for you.

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Re: Weird graphical glitch

it had happened to me too hmm

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