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Hey guys, it's me again! Been a while.

A colleague of mine gave me this cool little device, a Leap Motion. I played around with the SDK and finally implemented tilt support for Neverball! That was super easy to do!

Here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q10RXeRxSeI
Source code here: https://github.com/libcg/neverball/comm … 6b521ca102

What do you think? smile


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stellar.. big_smile


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Amazing gimmick, Geecko!

Would be interesting to see what happens in the later levels though ...I could imagine that performing a loop or so will more probably look like doing some Wing Chun hand training  :doh:

And funny thing - your hands conducting the ball through level 1 instantly made me think of - who would have believed it - Gianni Nicassio caressing the theremin in Walk Off The Earth's arguably one-shot take on Madonna's Material Girl  http://vimeo.com/65881790

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What a reference! Haha.

I've been thinking about mapping buttons with hand gestures. For example, the newest SDK can detect pinches among other things. To control the camera, I was thinking about using my thumb. Will experiment tonight! big_smile

EDIT: thumb camera control is FREAKING AMAZING


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New video with latest changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yuoGx5kyBs

In game controls are complete, but I think it will be very hard to control the menu. Any ideas?


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ok, that's officially off the hook. Wow.


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Pull request here: https://github.com/Neverball/neverball/pull/92


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**: Note To Self :**

    sell all nintendo stock before this puts the wii out of commission