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Topic: Translation of "Last" replay?

While I was looking at the German translation one more time I noticed that the last replay recorded is called "Last", which is apparently not translatable?

(Also the other replays are, by default, named after the English name of the set. The same goes for the ball models.)

I don't think this is a big issue, but maybe there is a quick fix?

By the way the link to the Windows build appears to be broken.


Re: Translation of "Last" replay?

Replay names, level set identifiers (which are different from level set names) and ball models are filenames and are intentionally not translatable. Every OS handles filename encoding differently and it's simpler and a lot less error prone to keep filenames in ASCII. Ball name translations would make sense (in the UI), though balls would have to have properly defined names first.

Fixed the link. Oops!