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the other problem is that the netradiant stops working ...
Is there another level editor?

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Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

Okay. I have no idea why it doesn't work for you. I don't want this to turn into a support thread, so let's stop here and see if anyone else has the same problem as you.

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Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

Just to let you all know that I used the Neverball gamepack included with the latest build, and it appears to be working perfectly with latest (2014) NetRadiant build. When I start mapping again, I will test the launching of maps directly into Neverball.

PS. GTKRadiant 1.5 Godfather build has corrupt textures with this pack. Unusable.

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Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

Despite the [mild] texture corruption even in GtkRadiant 1.5.0 (stable), I still use it when designing/improving levels and holes, as I do not like NetRadiant's (from July 2012) auto-sync when moving lumps around, and it's texture list does not work well in Windows 8.1.

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Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

CSY wrote:

I do not like NetRadiant's (from July 2012) auto-sync when moving lumps around

I still consider GtkRadiant usable and I was a little bit upset at this feature too, but NetRadiant has some improvements that I am glad I can have access to:

  • All the textures show up, as themacmeister pointed out

  • Netradiant's polygons are way smoother than Gtkradiant's.
    http://s8.postimg.org/6vc99xm1d/Capture.png http://s8.postimg.org/cxjw0fahd/screen00046.png
    NetRadiant vs GtkRadiant

  • Build & Play button

And after all, texture autosync is useful as well, sometimes...



Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

If you're talking about texture lock, then yeah, I don't know why but it seems to be enabled by default in NetRadiant. It annoys me, too, I'm used to textures being locked to the grid, not to the lumps.


Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

Although I understand texture locking has its uses, I still prefer to manually fine-tune texturing as needed. It is also worth pointing out that I didn't see texture locking as an option until now, where it is located on the toolbar near clipping.

Still, I didn't like how ugly it was making the guard rails, such as when I was reforging the simple hole Bend.

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Re: Setting up NetRadiant/GtkRadiant

Moved instructions to neverball-docs on Github.