Topic: "Eastereggs" in Medium Level 2

I found something very interesting about level 2 in the medium level set.

If you accelerate from the starting point it is possible to land on a tower which has a timer on it.

When activated, the tower will pull down and the pop back up launching the ball high up.

From there it is possible to jump to two other towers with timers on them.

When you activate the timer on the closer tower, it removes the rails and adds moving blocks making the game difficult.

If you activate the timer on the farther tower (close to the goal), it puts a cage around the goal making it only accessible from above.

What I cannot understand is why would one go through all the trouble of getting up to the towers just to make the level harder?


Re: "Eastereggs" in Medium Level 2

Think of it as an achievement but without the notification popping up.