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Topic: netradiant versus gtkradiant


the recommendations for editors keep confusing me. Can you give me some advice?
My aim is to start editing some levels on a GNU system for neverputt.

When coming from the main neverball.org side and its FAQ I get pointed to the wiki: wiki.nevercorner.net/doku.php?id=level_creation_howto which recomments gtkradiant 1.5 .

Another wiki page is wiki.nevercorner.net/doku.php/radiant_1.5_vs_radiant_1.4 and it has a dead link to gtk radiant 1.5.

At other places like this forum the recommendation is to use netradiant, because gtkradiant supposetly is not developed anymore and netradiant is.  However the given url for netradiant package is  ingar.satgnu.net/gtkradiant/ and points to ttp://icculus.org/projects/netradiant redirecting to dev.alientrap. which is dead. So there is no netradiant homepage anymore.  (I've inquired with alientrap, that used to host something at dev.alientrap where the icculus.org page still redirects to and they emailed me they are not involved in netradiant anymore.)

On the other hand, gtkradiant has a homepage with news from november and a 1.6.3 release.

So: Obviously some wiki pages and other information is outdated. Most of the forum posts predate the 1.6.3 gtkradiant release.

Is netradiant still the way to go?
If so, where is the netradiant current development and source code hosted, what is the lastest version (source code tarball prefered) that I need to grab? Who could fix the links?

(How does someone get registered on the never* wiki? I've found no instructions)

If Gtk Radiant is the way to go, would 1.6.3 be better than 1.5 or is 1.5 recommend over 1.6.3 and later versions?

Thanks for any pointers,

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Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

NetRadiant is still being actively developed, and has good 64-bit builds available. I prefer GTK myself, due to habit, but there are improvements in NetRadiant that are very helpful in Neverball/putt level design.

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Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

NetRadiant is still the recommended editor. I'm pretty sure the NeverballPack will not work with any other Radiant. It probably won't work with 1.5 because of missing features. It definitely will not work with 1.6 because GtkRadiant 1.6  (which is based on 1.4) requires source changes to support additional games.

I have no idea why NetRadiant doesn't have a proper website. It is definitely still being developed by the Xonotic developers. I usually just clone their Git repository from git.xonotic.org. Failing that, I would google it, there are various builds floating around. (Ideally we would host our own build on neverball.org.)

I know this is confusing and we haven't done a good job documenting anything. This was all supposed to change with Neverball 1.6, but oviously that is still in the future. The wiki is a mess, I wouldn't use it for anything except for the mapping quality guidelines. I guess the most accurate source of information for now is the most recent relevant post on this forum (probably by a developer or such).


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

Looks like they fixed their wiki (I looked yesterday and found a rails error page)
Here's the netradiant page: http://dev.xonotic.org/projects/3/wiki/Netradiant


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

Thanks for your replies!
I'll go for the xonotic.org netradiant git then.

More details:
The dev.xonotic.org/projects/3/wiki/Netradiant wiki page has a broken link to "downloads" in the main area.
@tonesfrommars: You may have looked at the dev.alientrap.com page that still has the railes error. Maybe we can approach some people to fix the links and point to xonotic then.

I did search for netradiant, but the result were not conclusive.

About the wiki: I may fix a few places with my new knowledge, if I knew how to register for the wiki. *hint* *hint*.
A wiki is much better to maintain one place to go for complete information.


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

The problem is that http://icculus.org/netradiant/ leads to a different wiki. That's where the Rails error page comes up. Evidently nobody bothered to update the redirect after Xonotic forked off from Nexuiz (which used to be developed by Alientrap, hence the redirect to alientrap.org wiki).

The Xonotic wiki would be a good candidate to link to except I couldn't find any download links there either.


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

parasti wrote:

The problem is that /icculus.org/netradiant/ leads to a different wiki. That's where the Rails error page comes up. Evidently nobody bothered to update the redirect after Xonotic forked off from Nexuiz

I think changing the redirection to the Xonotic wiki would be a real improvement. Whom could we bother about it at icculus? Neverball seems to also live at icculus. Maybe if someone that also has a real icculus account would email Ryan from icculus? The /git.icculus.org/?a=project_list;pf=divverent lists a "Rudolf Polzer" and his last activity 17 month ago. He has an alientrap email address <divverent@alientrap.org> and alientrap does not seem to be active on netradiant anymore.


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

There are builds here for Windows/Linux/Mac OS X 10.5 & 10.6


Requires X11 from Apple

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Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

Found the neverball pack here: http://forum.nevercorner.net/viewtopic. … 383#p25383

Going to give it a try under Win7 tonight, and if successful, will try again with Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 tomorrow.

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Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

@bernhard: Try sending a PM to user "shino", as he maintains and administers the forum, table and wiki software. Open registration seems to be disabled on the wiki and I don't have admin privileges there, but shino can definitely help out. Unless I am missing something obvious...? Maybe it was turned off to control spam accounts or something.


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant


I hope you will forgivie my for replying after all these months, I stumbled upon this post by accident. I fixed the link on my website to the NetRadiant wiki, indeed it was still pointing to an old page.
I've mirrored the gamepack here ingar.satgnu.net/gtkradiant/files/gamepacks/NeverballPack.zip
and I'll just add it to future releases. (It seems I'm not allowed to make links my first post. moderators, feel free to make it clickable)

If you're buildling from the xonotic git, you can find my changes in the netradiant-ing branch.

Although I heard about Neverball, I must shamefully admit I haven't played it myself. It came as a surprise to find NetRadiant users here so I was thinking I'd drop a line.



Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

This thread is really helpful. Was some of this information somewhere else and I missed it? Otherwise,  someone should really update the info on the wiki and such in case some people don't think to look at the forums. Just saying. Can't really say that from personal experience smile Thank's for the help!


Re: netradiant versus gtkradiant

I use gtkradiant 1.5 instead of netradiant because netradiant is unstable,always crash but gtkradiant is seldom crash

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