Re: Neverball T-Shirts Are Now Available :D

Hehehe the shirts inspired me to play Neverball a bit more... interesting inspiration but still... thanks for the reply. To be honest I'd probably buy both. I'm really surprised there aren't as many people that have heard about this as I would expect. Maybe people would ask me what the shirt was about big_smile

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Re: Neverball T-Shirts Are Now Available :D

My brother swapped his black neverball shirt for my white one. Everything was great until I realised his shirt was two sizes smaller hmm

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Re: Neverball T-Shirts Are Now Available :D

Hope you can get it back! My friends seems to have mostly positive reactions when I said I wanted a Neverball shirt , except for the one that said, "What is wrong with you." I'm assuming he was joking, though. I think. big_smile