Topic: Tricky Golf 14

Seriously?  Par is 17, and hole quits at 20.
That's just rude.

Can we change the max per hole to double par or something?
Do I need to suggest this in the ideas section?

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Re: Tricky Golf 14

This hole is too hard to do the normal way, but I did find a shortcut.


(I still believe the max per hole needs to be changed).


Re: Tricky Golf 14

Even after watching the video, I still can't do it. I'll just have to keep trying.

Btw, I'm fine with the stroke limits. It puts pressure on you to get it right.


Re: Tricky Golf 14

You can do it.  Make sure you look very closely and count pixels/edges.  I play 800x600, so if you count pixels
and do it EXACTLY the same way I did, it will work 1/10 times.  Keep at it.

This hole is a good example of how the current hole limits leave a lot to be desired.
I consider myself a pretty elite player, but even for me, this hole is VERY challenging.

Perhaps I should make a video of doing this hole the normal way.