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Hello everyone.  I recently gave Windows 7 the boot from my Toshiba Satellite laptop.  Actually, one of those virus' that pretends it is a friendly program that is scanning your system for virus' but really makes your computer unuseable ... caused me to remove Windows permanently and move to Ubuntu 10.10.  I am very happy about my move to Linux.  But I still use Windows XP at work.

Anyways ... my move to Linux is what led me to Neverball and Neverputt.  I downloaded the source and compiled it without issue after downloading and installing the dependencies.  It runs like a dream in windowed and full screen mode.  It is visually gorgeous and I LOVE the music.  The levels are awesome.  I have spent a lot of time playing both.  I was a huge fan of Super Monkey Ball on GameCube and I was really happy to see something similar in Neverball.  I also love Neverputt.

I am a C++ / C programmer by trade who for years has bought books here and there about 2D and 3D programming in C++, C, Java, OpenGl, Direct X, etc.  But, I am also rather ADD (a super context switcher) as well as having other things that compete for my time.  Thus, I never seem to ever REALLY get through each book and learn everything I should.  I only learn pieces here and there.

Lately I have been trying very hard to find Open Source 3D games that are NOT so complex or huge that the chance of ONE person ever figuring them out would be impossible.  I know some SDL and some OpenGl and C++, etc.  I want to stick with those for now and not have to learn something completely new like Lua (GlTron) or Erlang (Wings3d) etc. 

After looking at tons of Open Source games and 3D modeling tools (GlTron, FlightGear, Wings3D, Blender, Ogre3D,  WildMagic5, etc.), Neverball / Neverputt is something that I am giving top priority.  I am going to start with Neverputt and figure it out and then move to Neverball.  Plus, I am addicted to the games and that helps with the whole 'passion to learn' thing.

Eventually, (as in 2 months) after I have spent enough time in the undocumented code, I want to learn level creation.

Sooooo, I kind of noticed some depricated OpenGl calls that show up in the 2.1 spec but not the 3.3 spec or the 4.1.   spec.  I have two versions of the OpenGl Superbible and the latest one is really pushing the move away from the deprecated functions and moving into the world of shaders (GLSL).  Are there plans upgrade Neverball / Neverputt up to the OpenGl 4.1 spec and move away from 2.1 functions?

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Re: Love this Game (Neverball / Neverputt newbie)

I have used the LATEST release of Neverball on a PIII, with little RAM, and a GeForce2MX 400 graphics card, under Windows98SE!!

Personally, I would love to see Neverball remain available for lesser powered computers/graphics.

Also, I don't think the visuals can really be improved much, with the exception being true shadow below the ball only. So what is there to gain from updating the code, apart from future-proofing?

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