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Topic: Installing With Windows Vista

When I try to install Neverball with Windows Vista, a message just shows up saying that it couldn't find any of the files.


Re: Installing With Windows Vista

I think you have to run the installer in "administrator mode".
There's a brief discussion about it HERE

that's all I know as I don't run vista. Hope it helps.


Re: Installing With Windows Vista

tones is correct, it is all to do with User Access Control (UAC). This can be disabled by the user, but it is safer to do all installs (of trusted software installers) as Administrator. Reinstalling in this manner (it is available when right-clicking the installer icon) will get the software working immediately.

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Re: Installing With Windows Vista

Even though the installer is "designed" to work without Administrator privileges, installing to the default directory still requires Administrator privileges. It works fine if you install in an unprotected directory, though.

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