Topic: game altering items (speed, time, gravity)

I think I've learned enough about the code to implement the following items in a game if they are desired.

1.  A speed burst item.

When you get the item it launches you in the direction you are moving.  It was very cool (in my dreams) to have them before long runways, or jumps.  Might be good to use in conjunction with particles flying off the ball as in the speedometer thread.

2.  Time warp items.

When you hit the item time slows down.  Could be had before very difficult sections of a map, and expire after 30 sec or so.

3.  Gravity changing items.

Just adjusts gravity.  Could be pretty fun to reduce gravity before a long jump (where you wouldn't be able to make it without the item), OR increase gravity for some sections of a map.

These ideas may not be new, but I just wanted to get them down somewhere.  Please comment.


Re: game altering items (speed, time, gravity)

Also, use them together in some very entertaining situations:

Combine gravity and time warp for a very difficult jump.

Line up lots of speed bursts in a racetrack type map, with a very limited time.

Combine all three, for a crazy difficult and LONG jump.


Re: game altering items (speed, time, gravity)

Very cool ideas, proton. cool
I especially like the speed burst idea. Neverball would be that much cooler with speed bursts.
I am very much enjoying your ideas and contributions proton. Keep it up! smile

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Re: game altering items (speed, time, gravity)

One game I saw had some cool principles that could be carried over... I don't remember what it was called but there was another rolling game where you had to shove obstacles aside. There were gizmos that converted the standard wood ball into another kind of ball, choosing from a stone one with more momentum and could shove stuff out of the way, and a light playground ball, and a few others.

Ball of steel: heavy, shove crates around, prone to overshooting. Magnets could be interesting...
Wood ball: equivelant of what we have now, would float in water levels.
Playground ball: bouncy, will not fall through cloth platforms that anything else would tear.
Balloon?: teleports to the underside of the level.
Slime ball: sticks to walls, but super high friction. Can you make it to the goal/other transformer?
Ice ball: challenge with mini timer (race to each checkpoint?)
Marble: tiny and could take shortcuts through pipes maybe?

Consolidated from an off topic post in another thread: IDEA! Confusion anti-powerup that inverts controls (or sets 'em back to default...) for challenge levels!

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Re: game altering items (speed, time, gravity)

It's probably best to not cross post like that, especially if the threads in question aren't active anymore. I've removed the other posts you made on this topic (the confusion power-up one was off topic for that thread).

It's good that you're looking for existing discussions to share your ideas as a part of though!

Marble: tiny and could take shortcuts through pipes maybe?

If you haven't spotted it, we already have grow and shrink powerups that allow for this sort of gameplay.

Edit: Those aren't currently used in many levels though.