Topic: Protonspring says goodbye

I guess this is farewell, since I have been removed from participating in the contest.

I have sacrificed myself in order to demonstrate the ease of hacking neverball.  I could have chosen to just stay under the radar (like many on this table) and send in a replay here and there, but that is not my nature.

Hacks aside, there have been some pretty good, and very lucky replays.  I hope at least that people get some enjoyment out of them.  Many of them hopefully will survive the wipe, and they'll be in my personal replays.

I just hope that nevertable contestants are a little more critical with the so many "god-like" replays.

Goodbye All.  It was a fun ride.


Re: Protonspring says goodbye

Your replays have been moved to trash and will be soon set as personal by shino as it requires a database request.

There have been well-argued explanations leading to the very likely conclusion that protonspring has cheated and lied to defend himself several times, so we consider we cannot accept his replays in the contest anymore.

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Re: Protonspring says goodbye

protonspring wrote:

...a developer thread for a replay analyzer...

This isn't what I thought you meant hmm



Re: Protonspring says goodbye

Well. . that's not what I meant either.  I'll post my replay analyzer in another thread as it appears that I can't add an attachment in a replay.