Topic: Good News :)

OK, so I am definitely on the pre-order list for a Pandora console.  Therefore, I will definitely be porting (firstly) my existing versions of Neverball/Neverputt to the Pandora, and then finally doing a proper port of the existing full version of Neverball with all the graphical bells and whistles to OpenGL ES 2.0, and this time retaining the SDL part of Neverball.  This version will then finally be able to be part of the Neverball source library (hopefully) - as long as we get the license for it correct.

For the Pandora, these will all be Free smile

I'll post some updates as soon as I get going on it.  Pandora is due for release in February (honest).  Still some first batch available if anyone still wants one.  After first batch pandoras have gone out - it's 6 months before anyone will see another one .....