Topic: 100% coins challenge

I have recently tried to get 100% of the coins in challenge mode and was succesful for easy, medium and hard quite easily - lost 0 balls in easy, 2 in medium, 4 in hard.

While easy has a nice coin number of 2000, its 2086 for medium and 1768 for hard. Perhaps you could try to get this to 2000 / 1750 in the next release? I'm sure this can be done be tweaking the value of some bonus coins. If not there should be some sign that you have really got 100% of the coins - the first thing I did was adding the number of the single maps to ensure that I really did it.

Here are my times:
easy: 15:34
medium: 20:59
hard: 23:32

Post your times to compare smile. I think the easy time is quite good while the medium and hard times are rather bad as I did safety runs instead of taking risks for time reduction.

Has anybody got 100% in one of the mehdi sets already? Or better question - what is the best number of coins earned compared to the sum of the hard *most coins* records (as you can get more than the hard coin record in few levels) ? I got the hard coin record in all TdF levels except number 10 (I deeply hate this and have not even tried) and V (always miss the last red coin sad ), but I dont think I can do this in a row ^^
RtdF ist even more tricky, as there are a some of levels where getting all coins is really hard and a bit luck-dependant (8,11,15).

And what about Nevermania (just joking) big_smile ?