Topic: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

plz tell me!!!


Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

can u please tell me how!??


Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

Please don't flood. If nobody have answered yet it's probably because connected people from yesterday don't know. Nevermania is a real difficult set and there are not so many people who beat it.

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Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

As shino said, Nevermania is quite a difficult set. You can search the Neverforum for solutions though.
Here are a few links to similar forum topics:


BTW anyone, how do you get onto the discs in Nevermania 14? They're moving too fast! D:


Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

I guess not many people have got up to Nevermania 14 yet. yikes
I thought I was just an average Neverball player.
Turns out I'm getting pretty good at this game. cool


Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

Yes Elviz' set is "quite" difficult ... I managed to get to the next platform regularly, but I never found out how to proceed from there (there are only two platforms up there).


I got on the first platform by rolling against the first moving platform (corner-bouncing) and landing on it afterwards. I think that I used manual camera control and quite some angled acceleration to stay on the platforms while they accelerate and decelerate.

Good luck! And don't forget to post on the Table once you do it - I think most of Elviz' set is still "free", thereby granting you a place in eternal Neverball history tongue.


Re: how do you do nevermania lv 5?

I might post replays on the Nevertable for Nevermania 1, 3, 6, 7 and 11 since I'm rather skilled at those levels tongue