Topic: Keep record beaten by an older incoming replay?

Let's do not consider personal replays here.

There is a common situation where 2 replays of the same level and record type are submitted between 2 validations of the moderator.
Sometimes, the more recent one doesn't beat the older one.
Theoretically, the moderator cannot accept a replay that doesn't beat the current record, however, when the player submitted it, there were no best record in the contest directory.

So, should we keep such replays?
If the moderator cannot validate replays during several days, such situations may particularly happen.
I've already removed an haexxlor and a nue's replay following the base principle (but they are still in trash and can be moved back to the beaten records directory).


Re: Keep record beaten by an older incoming replay?

That makes me think we could changed the validation process (maybe already mentioned on the forum (Dave?)).
What about doing a post-moderation?
I mean we remove the incoming directory, and add a basic tag for unvalidated replays, in order to inform players a moderator will check this replay.
Records submitted by players are directly moved to the contest.
With such a system, my previous issue disappear and the contest becomes more reactive.
Moreover, in cases of cheating, everyone can check and comment replays, helping the moderator in his task.


Re: Keep record beaten by an older incoming replay?

This sounds like a great idea to me. As long as there is an obvious flag indicating to all users that the replay/record is unofficial until it has been doublechecked, I don't see any problems with it.


Re: Keep record beaten by an older incoming replay?

Yes, great idea! The flag wouldn't be so important to me - I think we could also settle for eventually removing a replay should the need arise. How many "wrong" records did you encounter up to now / how high is the percentage?


Re: Keep record beaten by an older incoming replay?

Wrong records are quite rare.
Most are replays wrongly tagged as a record by the player.
Such records could be automatically moved to Trash instead of Contest.

However, I think we should keep an explicit moderation system, in order to show players there is a moderation.

The only drawback I see for removing the incoming directory is regarding cheaters: instantaneous feedback for cheating successfulness.

If someone submit a replay and the table answers "Not a record, moved to trash", such a player, if he has some cheating tendencies (sore sport), he could want to try some cheating techniques, and upload each new generated replay to the table, having an *instantaneous* feedback, helping him to quickly improve his cheating technique.

I'm not sure it's a big deal, and such behavior could be easily detected I think, and the corresponding user account deleted tongue