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I downloaded the official iTunes App Store release version of this game onto my iPhone ages ago, and although I really enjoyed it, I felt it was quite buggy... felt like more of a beta release...
Was really looking forward to an update to the game, to make it more playable.

In the comments section of a review of this game on www.toucharcade.com the developer himself said that an update would be coming. See here:

Just wondering if anyone knew any more about this?
I haven't heard anything about it since that initial release, review and comment 2 months ago.

P.S: I just went to check out the "Lazrhog Games Web Site" link in the iTunes App Store, but the URL for it leads to:


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With the release of 1.5, our in-development version, a new version should be released which will be much better.
However, the iPhone version is a port and may not be as polished as the release for standard OS'es.

I did not realize that the game is currently selling at $0.99... I thought the app store allowed free apps, which this should be if it's allowed.

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I didn't realise it was selling already either.



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If you released rRootage for free, why charge for this?

It is super cheap, but I still feel disappointed.

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You should know that I left the decision up to Robert, and it was not an easy one for him to make.  The source was from 1.4, so it was up to him.  It means a mobile version is now available for all future mobile platforms, so it's not all bad.  Plus the source code can be completely released once Robert agrees, and that's the complete source, all modified graphics files, xcode build environment, the works.


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I'm just surprised it stayed under the radar - it appears to have been up there since October at least.
After a year of poking around with it, it's exciting to see my Neverputt icon (based on jammnrose's design of course) live somewhere. smile



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I couldn't resist smile


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Hey lazrhog:

As you may know, I have been working on completion of vidski's golf-jambalaya and have made some significant headway re: polish and playability.

I was messing around with your iPhone version of neverputt and noticed that you included this course. After playin it a little I feel that it's got some issues. I see a bunch of t-intersections and the first hole spiral spits the ball out into space about 80% of the time. Also some outdated textures for teleporters, stuff like that.

I think if you are planning to get a full-blown release of NB and NP going in the near future, I would like to see an improvement in the mapping standards and consistency in putt. I am willing to help out with this since I know you will have to put most of your energy towards other factors of getting these apps functional.

Let me know if I can be of assistance.


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When I get the time, I am going to convert the very latest Neverball/Neverputt version to use OpenGLES.  I think when I do that, I will be hunting down all the new map contributions.  No-one seems to support the old 1.4 maps anymore, and a lot of them wont compile.

If you have some (1.4) compiled maps that improve Jambalaya, then by all means send them my way and I'll check them out and do an update.   I would love to get the hole with the windmill working, but it doesn't work ...