Topic: glTexGeni

Can anyone tell me how can anyone replace glTexGeni API in OpenGL ES which is not supported.
Please tell me any ideas you are having.


Re: glTexGeni

Can you tell us what you are working on first ?  You do know that an OpenGL ES version of Neverball/Neverputt has already been done ?   Neverputt has already been released for the iphone, and Robert Kooima is, himself, going to be releasing Neverball, so for what platform are you developing ?

If it is the Pandora, then I was really hoping to do that myself.  If it is for another platform, then if you just wait for about a month, the full source will probably be released anyway....

If it is for a brand new game using the neverball physics and graphics engine, then please let us know, as I am sure we would be interested, and willing to assist.

To give you a hint on the answers you are looking for, they didn't remove things from OpenGL ES without first providing a reason.  When you find the reason, you will probably find the solution......