181 new config menu

by Jean Privat

182 they should be deleted

by Kwriss

183 high scores files

by Dave

184Moved: Highscore defaults

by jsiii

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185 Neverputt Online Play

by DipBall101

189 Hard Limit on Replays=64?

by themacmeister

190 Pre-Compiled levels

by Rodimus

192 I don't know much about art...

by themacmeister

194 The Future Model for Neverball

by themacmeister ( Pages 1 2 )

195 Feature Request

by themacmeister

197 Feature Requests for RLK

by themacmeister

198 for RLK, sound suggestion...

by themacmeister

199 Suggestion - Bonus Levels

by themacmeister

200 automatic replay naming

by Sebastian