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# SOME DESCRIPTIVE TITLE. # Copyright (C) YEAR Robert Kooima # This file is distributed under the same license as the PACKAGE package. # FIRST AUTHOR , YEAR. # msgid "" msgstr "" "Project-Id-Version: Neverball\n" "Report-Msgid-Bugs-To:\n" "POT-Creation-Date: 2014-05-21 13:35+0300\n" "PO-Revision-Date: 2014-08-05 09:42-0000\n" "Last-Translator: \n" "Language-Team: \n" "Language: sk\n" "MIME-Version: 1.0\n" "Plural-Forms: nplurals=3; plural=(n==1) ? 0 : (n>=2 && n<=4) ? 1 : 2;\n" "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n" "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n" #: ball/st_play.c:100 msgid "Ready?" msgstr "" #: ball/st_play.c:184 msgid "Set?" msgstr "" #: ball/st_play.c:325 msgid "GO!" msgstr "" #: ball/st_save.c:100 msgid "Replay Name" msgstr "" #: ball/st_save.c:111 msgid "Save" msgstr "" #: ball/st_save.c:113 ball/st_save.c:222 ball/st_name.c:112 msgid "Cancel" msgstr "" #: ball/st_save.c:217 msgid "Overwrite?" msgstr "" #: ball/st_save.c:223 msgid "Overwrite" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:10 msgid "snd/select.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:11 msgid "snd/ready.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:12 msgid "snd/set.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:13 msgid "snd/go.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:24 msgid "snd/record.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:25 msgid "snd/fall.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:26 msgid "snd/time.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.h:27 msgid "snd/over.ogg" msgstr "" #: ball/st_start.c:174 ball/st_demo.c:308 ball/st_help.c:106 #: ball/st_ball.c:182 share/gui.c:2204 share/st_common.c:97 putt/st_conf.c:106 #: putt/st_all.c:404 putt/st_all.c:552 msgid "Back" msgstr "" #: ball/st_start.c:203 ball/progress.c:417 msgid "Challenge" msgstr "" #: ball/st_start.c:223 msgid "Unlocked" msgstr "" #: ball/st_start.c:224 msgid "Locked" msgstr "" #: ball/st_start.c:234 msgid "Goal State in Completed Levels" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:156 putt/st_conf.c:104 msgid "Options" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:158 share/st_common.c:339 putt/st_conf.c:116 msgid "Graphics" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:158 putt/st_conf.c:114 msgid "Configure" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:162 msgid "Mouse Sensitivity" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:167 putt/st_conf.c:134 msgid "Sound Volume" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:169 putt/st_conf.c:150 msgid "Music Volume" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:174 ball/st_name.c:99 msgid "Player Name" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:175 ball/st_ball.c:180 msgid "Ball Model" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:176 share/st_common.c:655 putt/st_conf.c:160 msgid "Language" msgstr "" #: ball/st_conf.c:190 share/st_common.c:666 msgid "Default" msgstr "" #: ball/st_done.c:57 msgid "New Set Record" msgstr "" #: ball/st_done.c:58 msgid "Set Complete" msgstr "" #: ball/st_done.c:77 msgid "Select Level" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:417 ball/st_help.c:260 msgid "Challenge Mode" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:418 ball/st_help.c:247 msgid "Normal Mode" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:418 msgid "Normal" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:419 msgid "Standalone Mode" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:419 msgid "Standalone" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:420 msgid "Unknown Mode" msgstr "" #: ball/progress.c:420 ball/game_common.c:32 msgid "Unknown" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:82 msgid "Fall-out!" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:84 msgid "Time's Up!" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:98 msgid "Exit" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:101 ball/st_goal.c:220 msgid "Next Level" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:104 ball/st_goal.c:223 msgid "Retry Level" msgstr "" #: ball/st_fail.c:107 ball/st_goal.c:226 msgid "Save Replay" msgstr "" #: ball/st_name.c:110 msgid "OK" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:202 msgid "Time" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:203 ball/hud.c:68 ball/st_goal.c:166 msgid "Coins" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:204 msgid "Status" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:235 ball/st_demo.c:426 msgid "Replay" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:236 putt/st_all.c:740 msgid "Player" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:237 msgid "Date" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:290 msgid "Select Replay" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:306 msgid "No Replays" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:611 msgid "Replay Paused" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:613 msgid "Replay Ends" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:619 ball/st_pause.c:88 putt/st_all.c:649 msgid "Quit" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:623 ball/st_demo.c:709 msgid "Keep" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:624 ball/st_demo.c:710 msgid "Delete" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:628 ball/st_pause.c:93 putt/st_all.c:650 msgid "Continue" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:630 msgid "Repeat" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:705 msgid "Delete Replay?" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:759 ball/st_level.c:179 msgid "Warning!" msgstr "" #: ball/st_demo.c:761 msgid "" "The current replay was recorded with a\\different (or unknown) version of " "this level.\\Be prepared to encounter visual errors.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:102 msgid "Tricks" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:103 msgid "Modes" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:104 msgid "Controls" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:105 msgid "Rules" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:116 msgid "" "Move the mouse or joystick\\or use keyboard arrows to\\tilt the floor " "causing the\\ball to roll.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:121 msgid "" "Roll over coins to collect\\them. Collect coins to\\unlock the goal and " "finish\\the level.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:178 msgid "" "Left and right mouse buttons rotate the view.\\Hold Shift for faster view " "rotation." msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:180 msgid "Exit / Pause" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:181 ball/game_common.c:46 msgid "Chase Camera" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:182 ball/game_common.c:45 msgid "Lazy Camera" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:183 ball/game_common.c:44 msgid "Manual Camera" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:184 msgid "Screenshot" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:249 msgid "" "Finish a level before the time runs out.\\You need to collect coins in order " "to open the goal." msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:262 msgid "" "Start playing from the first level of the set.\\You start with only three " "balls, do not lose them.\\Earn an extra ball for each 100 coins collected." msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:276 msgid "" "Corners can be used to jump.\\Get rolling and take aim\\at the angle. You " "may be able\\to reach new places.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:281 msgid "" "Tilting in 2 directions increases\\the slope. Use the manual camera\\and " "turn the camera by 45\\degrees for best results.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/st_help.c:301 ball/st_help.c:311 msgid "Watch demo" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.c:28 msgid "Aborted" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.c:29 msgid "Time-out" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.c:30 msgid "Success" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.c:31 msgid "Fall-out" msgstr "" #: ball/game_common.c:48 #, c-format msgid "Camera %d" msgstr "" #: ball/st_pause.c:82 putt/st_all.c:644 msgid "Paused" msgstr "" #: ball/st_pause.c:91 msgid "Restart" msgstr "" #: ball/hud.c:69 msgid "Goal" msgstr "" #: ball/hud.c:89 ball/st_goal.c:154 msgid "Balls" msgstr "" #: ball/hud.c:90 ball/st_goal.c:160 putt/hud.c:45 msgid "Score" msgstr "" #: ball/st_goal.c:101 msgid "New Record" msgstr "" #: ball/st_goal.c:102 msgid "GOAL" msgstr "" #: ball/st_goal.c:215 ball/st_goal.c:217 msgid "Finish" msgstr "" #: ball/st_set.c:108 msgid "Level Set" msgstr "" #: ball/st_level.c:56 #, c-format msgid "Bonus Level %s" msgstr "" #: ball/st_level.c:58 #, c-format msgid "Level %s" msgstr "" #: ball/st_level.c:64 #, c-format msgid "Standalone level" msgstr "" #: ball/st_level.c:181 msgid "" "A replay file could not be opened for writing.\\This game will not be " "recorded.\\" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:28 msgid "Hard" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:29 msgid "Medium" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:30 msgid "Easy" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:76 ball/util.c:122 msgid "Unavailable" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:178 ball/util.c:228 msgid "Most Coins" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:185 ball/util.c:232 msgid "Best Times" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:192 ball/util.c:236 msgid "Fast Unlock" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:205 msgid "Change Name" msgstr "" #: ball/util.c:332 msgid "caps" msgstr "" #: ball/st_over.c:35 msgid "GAME OVER" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:140 ball/st_title.c:175 msgid "menu^Cheat" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:146 ball/st_title.c:178 putt/st_all.c:238 msgid "menu^Play" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:181 msgid "menu^Replay" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:182 msgid "menu^Help" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:183 putt/st_all.c:239 msgid "menu^Options" msgstr "" #: ball/st_title.c:184 putt/st_all.c:240 msgid "menu^Exit" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:318 share/st_common.c:348 share/st_common.c:366 #: share/st_common.c:372 share/st_common.c:380 share/st_common.c:382 #: share/st_common.c:384 msgid "Off" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:319 msgid "2x" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:320 msgid "4x" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:321 msgid "8x" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:337 msgid "Unknown Display" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:341 share/st_common.c:447 msgid "Display" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:347 msgid "Fullscreen" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:348 share/st_common.c:366 share/st_common.c:372 #: share/st_common.c:380 share/st_common.c:382 share/st_common.c:384 msgid "On" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:350 share/st_common.c:544 msgid "Resolution" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:365 msgid "HMD" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:371 msgid "V-Sync" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:373 msgid "Antialiasing" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:379 msgid "Reflection" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:381 msgid "Background" msgstr "" #: share/st_common.c:383 msgid "Shadow" msgstr "" #: putt/st_conf.c:158 msgid "Select" msgstr "" #: putt/hole.c:160 putt/st_all.c:107 putt/st_all.c:168 putt/hud.c:52 msgid "Par" msgstr "" #: putt/hole.c:162 putt/st_all.c:108 putt/st_all.c:169 msgid "P1" msgstr "" #: putt/hole.c:163 putt/st_all.c:109 putt/st_all.c:170 msgid "P2" msgstr "" #: putt/hole.c:164 putt/st_all.c:110 putt/st_all.c:171 msgid "P3" msgstr "" #: putt/hole.c:165 putt/st_all.c:111 putt/st_all.c:172 msgid "P4" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:75 msgid "O" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:124 msgid "Tot" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:136 msgid "I" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:361 msgid "Select Course" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:529 msgid "Players?" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:731 #, c-format msgid "Hole %02d" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:1073 msgid "It's In!" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:1216 msgid "1 Stroke Penalty" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:1294 msgid "Scores" msgstr "" #: putt/st_all.c:1347 msgid "Final Scores" msgstr "" #: data/set-easy.txt msgid "Neverball Easy" msgstr "" #: data/set-easy.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: Beginner through Intermediate\\\\25 levels with a smooth " "learning curve.\\Read level introductions for gameplay tips.\\ \\" msgstr "" #: data/set-medium.txt msgid "Neverball Medium" msgstr "" #: data/set-medium.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: Beginner through Expert\\\\25 levels which provide a balanced" "\\challenge for players. Try to claim\\some of the records provided.\\" msgstr "" #: data/set-hard.txt msgid "Neverball Hard" msgstr "" #: data/set-hard.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: Intermediate through Expert\\\\25 levels with more of a " "challenge for\\the experienced player. Try to claim\\Best Times, Most Coins, " "and Fast Unlock records.\\" msgstr "" #: data/set-mym.txt msgid "Tour de force" msgstr "" #: data/set-mym.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: Expert through Insane\\\\25 levels with even greater challenge." "\\Author: Mehdi Yousfi-Monod (mym)\\ \\" msgstr "" #: data/set-mym2.txt msgid "Retour de force" msgstr "" #: data/set-mym2.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: A little bit harder than my first set.\\\\More challenge, " "particularly for grabbing coins.\\Author: Mehdi Yousfi-Monod (mym)\\ \\" msgstr "" #: data/set-fwp.txt msgid "Nevermania" msgstr "" #: data/set-fwp.txt msgid "" "Difficulty: Expert through Impossible\\\\Assorted levels for advanced " "players.\\Author: Florian Priester\\\\" msgstr "" #: data/set-tones.txt msgid "Tones Levels" msgstr "" #: data/set-tones.txt msgid "Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult.\\\\Author: Ian Walker\\\\" msgstr "" #: data/set-misc.txt msgid "Neverball Misc" msgstr "" #: data/set-misc.txt msgid "Unsorted levels\\For testing purposes\\\\\\\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-putt.txt msgid "" "The original 18-hole Neverputt course.\\With a gentle learning curve.\\ " "\\Difficulty: Easy to Medium\\Author: rlk\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-paxed.txt msgid "Another 18-hole course\\ \\ \\Difficulty: Medium\\Author: paxed\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-paxed2.txt msgid "Yet Another 18-hole course\\ \\ \\Difficulty: Medium\\Author: paxed\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-paxed3.txt msgid "Even More Holes\\ \\ \\Difficulty: Medium\\Author: paxed\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-abc.txt msgid "" "A 26-hole course\\following the alphabet\\\\Difficulty: Hard\\Author: paxed\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-slippi.txt msgid "Crazy Golf\\ \\\\Difficulty: Easy to Medium\\Author: slippifishi\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-kk.txt msgid "" "Tricky Golf\\\\An 18-hole course with many challenges\\Difficulty: Expert " "Through Insane\\Author: Byron James Johnson" msgstr "" #: data/holes-vidski.txt msgid "" "Golf Jambalaya\\\\Vidski's infamous course.\\Difficulty: Medium to hard." "\\Author: vidski\\" msgstr "" #: data/holes-easyputt.txt msgid "" "Reshaun's Easy-Putt\\\\Difficulty: Easy through Hard\\Author: Reshaun Francis" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Try to avoid being hit by moving objects.\\One bump can throw the ball" "\\completely out of control.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Learn to control a bouncing ball.\\Look at the shadow to know where the" "\\ball will land. If you're feeling confident in\\your mastery of bouncing, " "take a risk\\for a big payoff.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "This time you must get 50 coins to unlock the goal.\\Red coins are worth 5, " "blue coins are worth 10.\\Get to the goal before time expires!\\\\Click to " "begin.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Here are some more opportunities for you to\\fall off into the void. Hit the " "bump hard to\\grab some big coins and score a short time.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "As before, but without the training wheels.\\Keep the ball on a level floor" "\\and maintain precise control.\\Build some momentum to reach the corners.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ data/map-misc/ #: data/map-misc/ data/map-misc/ msgid "" "Move the mouse to tilt the floor.\\Collect 10 coins to unlock the goal." "\\Guide the ball to the goal to\\finish the level.\\\\Click to begin.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Half-pipes can be fun,\\but they make it easy to fall out.\\Don't over " "accelerate and you will\\be able to stay in control." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "''Flat'' is relative.\\Learn to hold the floor at an angle\\so that a slope " "remains level.\\This way, you maintain full control of the ball.\\Use " "momentum to get up to the big coins.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "There are 100 coins here.\\This one shouldn't be too difficult,\\if you " "don't accidentally make a goal first.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Tilt the floor as little as possible.\\Less tilt means lower speed.\\Lower " "speed means better control.\\Watch the clock and use the time wisely.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Each bridge is narrower than the one before.\\But each pays better than the " "last as well!\\You get to decide how far you go on this one.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Getting to the goal\\shouldn't be a problem,\\but getting all of the coins " "will\\require some planning.\\\\Hint: often it is faster to avoid\\a hole " "instead of falling into it." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Stay away from the edges!\\When approaching a drop, begin slowing down" "\\early. You need just as much room to slow\\down as you did to speed up.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Follow the yellow lick road!\\\\The blue coins are especially challenging," "\\but with some experimentation and practice,\\you'll be able to collect " "them all." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "The ball wants to rebound uncontrollably\\in a narrow passage. Keep it slow " "and\\off the walls. All the coins are collectable\\in the given time.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Puzzling but profitable.\\\\Take time to observe the motions\\of the bumpers " "- it will help you\\to reach the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "A moving platform can be tricky.\\Use precise timing to get aboard,\\and " "precise balance to stay there.\\Don't let it move out from under you.\\Ride " "the platforms to grab the big coins.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Mouse buttons rotate the view.\\Press Escape to pause or quit.\\\\\\\\Click " "to begin.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "When you are on the elevators,\\make small adjustments to keep the ball " "steady.\\You can collect many coins by\\keeping the ball in one place.\\Too " "much movement and you will fall off." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "There is only one path to reach the goal,\\but lots of paths for collecting " "coins.\\Make sure you collect enough\\to unlock the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Follow the trail of coins to reach the goal.\\If you hit a post while moving " "quickly,\\you will bounce far off course." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "Hills require more speed to get over.\\Be careful not to go too fast!" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "When the ball is on a moving platform,\\it will be pulled in the direction " "of movement.\\Use the rails to steady yourself,\\and collect the coins you " "need\\to open the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "Grab all the coins...\\but don't get bullied!" msgstr "" #: data/map-easy/ msgid "" "Here's another coin grab.\\Perhaps you already know a good route." "\\Teleportation might come in handy.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Adventure=\\Many things to do, coins to collect, risks to take." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Atrium=\\Remove the coins from their columns." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Buoys=\\He who controls the timers, controls the gates." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Cargo=\\Let yourself be carried away." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Confetti=\\Help! There has got to be a way through this mess." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Discs=\\Used correctly, the platforms will take you to the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Inferno=\\The fire thwomps will try to foil your mission." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Ladybirds=\\Don't let them bug you." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Mountains=\\Ups and downs are a part of life." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Museum=\\Please do not touch the exhibits." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Oddities=\\Something is not quite right here..." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Rails=\\Do not lose your balance." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Ramps=\\Can you make it to the top?" msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Rings=\\Roll your way through this trap." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Slope=\\Try not to become a modern-day Sisyphus." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Spacetime=\\Not much space, not much time." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Swarm=\\Warning: Trespassers will be thwomped." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Tennis=\\There is plenty of prize money, and it's up for grabs." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=Tree=\\Follow the spiral staircase to the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-fwp/ msgid "=UFO=\\Ride the spaceship they don't want you to know about." msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "2 switches have to be enabled\\to open the path to the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "There's not enough floor here.\\Hopefully that's not a problem.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "To make progress here you'll need to hit the\\edges hard and control your " "bouncing.\\It's often easiest to hit the curb at a corner.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "Thus Neverball is a puzzle game?\\Remove the red to unlock the goal.\\Each " "trigger switches colors in direct contact." msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Ribbit!\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "Time the switches carefully to synchronize\\the motion of the platforms." "\\Move quickly across the gaps.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Yes, the ball does fit quite nicely through\\those little holes.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "Control your speed and your bounces.\\Teleporters will always bring you" "\\back somewhere in the level." msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Momentum may work against you.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "Allow your greed to guide you.\\For an added challenge,\\try to get to all " "of the coins.\\It can be done without guesswork.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Go for a ride.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "There are two goals here.\\You can complete this level\\the easy way or the " "hard way.\\Of course, by going the easy way\\you can forget about all\\those " "red and blue coins." msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "So many different paths to take...\\have you tried all of them?" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Ceci n'est pas une pipe.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Slow and steady.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "You'll only get about 15 seconds at each step,\\so don't delay. Get the " "coins and\\get to the next switch.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Don't get bullied.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "I think I can.\\I think I can.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "So close, yet so very far.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ data/map-misc/ msgid "" "Ride the elevators to the top.\\They move quickly,\\so don't dally too long." "\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Have fun picking up those\\red and blue coins.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "Don't worry.\\The green part isn't going anywhere.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "Use the switches to set the platforms\\in motion. Time it so they come" "\\together in the middle.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "" "The ball must be entirely within a teleporter\\in order to trigger it." "\\Remember that the ball carries its momentum\\through a teleporter, so plan " "ahead.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-hard/ msgid "The floor is as flat as you make it.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Stairway to heaven" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Those bridges are angled.\\Each is narrower and steeper than the last.\\Take " "the easy cash or\\go all the way for a big payoff.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Plenty of coins for the taking.\\Can you take them all?" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Use momentum to reach\\the upper platforms,\\but keep the ball in control" "\\for safe landing.\\\\The manual view may help here.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Remember to keep an eye on the shadow to\\help control a bouncing ball. And " "don't\\forget to use the mouse buttons to keep the\\ball in view.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Use teleporters to go\\where you otherwise couldn't.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Balance risk versus reward.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Ascend the slope to reach your goal.\\(Easier said than done.)" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Catch the train before it leaves the station.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "The ball will fit in those small holes,\\if you can just find something to " "make it smaller.\\Other places may require a bigger ball.\\One thing is " "certain - you'll want a plan!" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Hit the switches to move the barriers.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "The temptation to move quickly\\could prove your undoing.\\\\Then again, " "maybe not..." msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Take it slowly.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "You can never go home again..." msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "You'll need to exert some control over your\\view here. Press 3 to stop the " "auto-rotation.\\Use the mouse buttons to rotate it manually.\\Press 1 to " "return to the auto-rotating view.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "This wedding cake is plenty rich,\\but be careful as you go\\to each lower " "layer." msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Bump the logs at speed to change lanes.\\Try to reach the top for an extra " "challenge!" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Take it slow to keep it away from the edge.\\Or, don't.\\Either way might " "work.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Just as before, but moving up instead of down.\\No cheating this time.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "Here's yet another test of your ability\\to control bouncing. Moving down " "the\\stairs too quickly can be hazardous.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "This maze has no walls.\\But that doesn't make the solution\\any easier to " "find.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "That one switch controls all five barriers.\\Be quick, because the switch is " "on a timer.\\When it expires, the barriers will rise.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Neverball\\\\\\\\Created by Robert Kooima\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "Follow the trail of coins\\to make it through the labyrinth." msgstr "" #: data/map-medium/ msgid "" "There are plenty of coins here if you're\\willing to take the time to grab " "them.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "" "Prisonnier de la boule.\\Living in a sphere.\\Catching all blue coins is a " "challenge." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Try to grab all of the blue coins...\\it won't be easy!" msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Block around the clock." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "" "Follow the blue coins...\\and learn to control your bounce!\\Hint: Use the " "'chase' camera mode." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Follow the arrows." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "" "It's a real game of checkers, but no one wins...\\You have to bounce to " "reach the blue coins." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Calm and meditation may bring you to the Nirvana." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Savoir chuter.\\Follow the blue markers." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Use the new coins to change ball size!\\I hope you like it!\\-Dave" msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "There are special coins which can make your\\ball larger or smaller." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Let's go for a swim...\\all the coins are fully submerged.\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Fall down stairs.\\Ough!\\It hurts." msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Just let it happen...\\then start to worry!" msgstr "" #: data/map-misc/ msgid "Another test for timer accuracy." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le parcours du combattant.\\Ready for the assault course?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La course effrénée.\\Let's run some laps." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Les rampes abruptes.\\Control your speed." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "L'escalade ardue.\\Do you suffer from vertigo?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le cycle éternel.\\Avoid teleporters..." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La ballade tranquille.\\What a quiet walk." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "La ballade dansante.\\Let's dance on the moving platform!\\Tip: After " "activating the last moving platform,\\ turn around the Thwomp until the goal " "is reachable." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La descente infernale.\\Easy enough to start?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "La conduite stressante.\\Attention:\\The platform under the ball moves " "forward." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "La conduite dangereuse.\\The platform under the ball moves quickly forward." "\\You would do well to advance." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le passage incertain.\\Isn't too easy?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Ghost Valley.\\Make 3 laps to open the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La tour de verre.\\Find the way to the exit." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La maîtrise de Neverball.\\You still think Neverball is too easy?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Les boucles renversantes.\\Upside down!" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "Le contrôle des courbes.\\Find the right angle to turn,\\to jump and to " "land..." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le chemin dissimulé.\\Test your memory." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "Le labyrinthe fou.\\You know the way, you see it,\\so why are you taking " "another one?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "Le sentier étroit.\\Patience and timing.\\Tip: maximise speed at the first " "slope." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Les épreuves minutées.\\Run baby, run!" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "" "Le petit cross.\\Let's go scrambling!\\Stick to the track to optimize speed." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "La descente rafraîchissante.\\Not so fast, not so fast." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le chemin de la foi.\\Self-confidence." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "Le sens trigonométrique.\\Turn, wait and jump." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym/ msgid "L'ascension pressée.\\Only one piece of advice: don't stop!" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Un va-et-vient frustrant.\\Remember the activation order." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Street Neverball\\Choose your party and score 3 points." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "La machine à circonvolutions.\\Easy, the goal is just above you." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Le grand cône.\\Living in a cone." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Les flammes ardentes.\\Does this remind you of something?" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Les sauts du célèbre plombier.\\Follow the coins." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "" "Savoir rebondir pour aller plus haut.\\The Neverball Arena.\\Use the 2 " "teleports to unlock and reach the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "" "This level is full of challenges:\\understand the level's functioning," "\\learn to fly and to survive,\\grab half of all coins to open the goal," "\\find and reach the goal,\\and more..." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Le petit moulin.\\The good timing to go in the cabin." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Ne pas se laisser emporter dans le néant.\\Don't go too low." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "" "Si si, ce tuyau a une fin.\\Living in a pipe.\\Tip: slow down for the last " "jump!" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Plus dur que la difficulté.\\Good luck." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Être patient.\\Not too hard." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Le passage éphémère.\\Trust the coins." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Hé, on pousse pas !\\Not too fast, not too slow." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Rainbow Road.\\Do 3 laps to open the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Le rodéo de Neverball.\\You'll fall quickly." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "J'y vais, ou j'y vais pas ?\\Do not dither." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Préparez un petit sac.\\The stomach-tester." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Un petit échauffement.\\Welcome to Mehdi's new set!" msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Plus vite que la vitesse.\\The definition of speed." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "La danse asiatique\\Trust the arrows." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Suis le mouvement.\\Warning, the road is moving." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Tranquille, mais pas trop.\\Sync yourself to the elevators." msgstr "" #: data/map-mym2/ msgid "Les toiles attirantes.\\Get out of the webs." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Speed is the name of the game." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Tread carefully...\\and keep moving!\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Who's the boss around here anyway?" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "You might have to get wet\\if you want all the coins." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Keep your eye on the sky!\\but don't run out of time...\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Stepping stones." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Work your way to the top." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "" "Collect 45 coins to unlock the goal.\\You can use the teleporter to gain " "enough speed\\for the jump." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Control your speed\\to avoid a bumpy ride." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Learn the course and stick to the rails!" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Let's start with an easy warm-up.\\Build speed and leap to the goal." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Look before you leap..." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Mind your footing!" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Watch your footing..." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Walk the plank.\\After the teleport, go for speed!" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "" "Ski Ball!\\\\Work your way from 10 to 100\\in sequence or you'll fall out." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Timing is everything." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "What goes down must come up!\\" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "" "Make sure you are\\safely on a purple platform\\before 20 seconds have " "elapsed!" msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Afraid of heights?\\Try not to get dizzy." msgstr "" #: data/map-tones/ msgid "Surf's Up !!" msgstr "" #. Desktop entry comment #: dist/ msgid "A 3D arcade game with a ball" msgstr "" #. Desktop entry comment #: dist/ msgid "A 3D mini golf game" msgstr "" #. Translators, #. #. Listed here are the Neverball materials (relative to the data directory) #. that can be localised. Each material has a corresponding JPG or PNG #. texture. To localise a material, create a localised texture for it (copy #. the original texture . to -. and modify it) #. and translate the material name to match (from to #. -). #. #. Author's comments on the original mtrl/words texture: #. #. "Courier New, 40pt, bold. The words are centered in cells of 256x64 pixels. #. For the vertical centering, the x-height is used as the reference. Some #. manual corrections were made; for example, the hyphen in 'Fall-out' was #. shortened in order to increase the margin on each side of the word." #. #. Those on GNU+Linux having the ImageMagick program suite installed may find #. the provided scripts/ shell script useful. msgid "mtrl/words" msgstr "" msgid "item/coin/coin" msgstr "" msgid "item/coin/coin5" msgstr "" msgid "item/coin/coin10" msgstr ""